Tasmanian Oak , Tas Oak

Tas Oak 3Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak is a beautiful light brown colour and is a lovely timber for Flooring. It is suitable for indoor use only such as flooring and dressed timber. If you are wanting a matching timber for outdoor use, then it is best to use Silvertop Ash, Stringybark or Blackbutt as they will compliment Tas Oak perfectly.

Tasmanian Oak is a mix of three almost identical species of Eucalypt hardwoods, Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash, and Messmate and derives from the mountain areas and various plantations throughout Tasmania and Victoria. These trees are the major species in Victoria and Tasmania.The timber, when sourced from Victoria, is referred to as Victorian Ash or Vic Ash.

Tasmanian Oak is light in colour, varying from pale straw to yellow-browns, with intermediate shades of cream to pale pink. The timber has a predominantly straight and even grain, with a texture that is uniform and fairly coarse. It is widely used in flooring and suits all architectural styles. It is also fantastic in tables and dressed timber as it accepts stains and lime wash very well.

Tas Oak is a durable timber with a Janka rating of approx 5.0.