Recycled Posts and beams

Timber and Rose has a huge range of recycled Posts and Beams in all sizes up to 9.0 m long. Large sections are also available, often up to 450 x 450 mm. The posts and beams really do tell a story of their past life and are beautiful to use once again.

Our recycled Posts and Beams are sourced from a variety of demolition sites around Australia such as old warehouses and wool stores. Much of the outdoor timber comes from old wharves and bridges where we source sets of a particular size.

Once we have the timber in our yard, we sort the recycled posts and beams and keep only the best quality. This timber is amazing when it is used for pergolas, outdoor seating and tables, or just as a unique piece. The beams can often be used as wide board decking.

Send us your required sizes, lengths and quantity on our Contact form and we will have a quote back to you same day.

We can hand finish the recycled Posts and Beams leaving as much or little of the patina so that you have the look you want.