Recycled Denailed & Metal Detected

We have good stock of recycled denailed timber that is seasoned and stable. It is “greyed off” due to its age. We denail and metal detect the timber so that you can work easily with the timber knowing that you will not damage your equipment.

The timber for our recycled Messmate is carefully selected from various demolition sites. The timber has originally come from old large trees that have tight growth rings and therefore display a complexion that you will not see in new timber today.

We select the best quality timber for machining into dressed timber, so that you are able to achieve a beautiful balance of gum vein and knots in the finished product. This recycled denailed and metal detected timber is perfect if you are wanting to create and build table and bench tops, or furniture. We can assist in helping you select the pieces so that you will finish with the ‘look’ that you want.