Recycled Cladding

Timber and Rose understand Cladding. In our external recycled Cladding range we have a number of species that are all available  in various widths. We also have a range of recycled timber internal lining boards and new timber lining boards to transform a room.

The Cladding widths that are available are from 77 mm to 170 mm, but we can also produce any design narrower or wider to your specification if required. Click on the species you are wanting . Cladding is fixed over the substrate to provide create a barrier so that water and wind will not pass through and also for aesthetic purposes. Timber cladding will also provide good thermal properties by retaining heat in winter and keeping a building cool in summer.

The Cladding boards come with a tongue and groove profile with an expressed rebate, so will install easily and looks beautiful. All our Cladding can be fixed either vertically, diagonally or horizontally and is machined to a high quality so that the timber will last for decades.

Timber Cladding has been used in building for over 100 years, and we believe now more popular than ever. Our quality cladding will be an asset to your project for decades to come.

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