Recycled Timber

Recycled timber is sourced from old buildings and has amazing complexion, provide excellent stability and are available in unique sizes and beautiful colours.

Recycled Timber is not only the environmentally friendly choice but it also comes with history and a story to tell. We collect our recycled timber from old homes, warehouses, factories as well as old country bridges and storehouses. These timbers came from trees that were cut between 70 to 130 years ago. Back then the trees were very large and therefore had tight growth rings and a complexion that you cannot get from the trees that are cut currently that are young by comparison.

When the timber is re machined into its new use it reveals the rich grain and patterns that only comes from old recycled timber. Timber and Rose produce recycled timber flooring, cladding, dressed timber, decking, screening, posts and beams, bench tops and table tops from our stock of carefully selected reclaimed timber.

We are excited and proud to produce beautiful timber products that satisfy our most discerning customers.