Blue Gum Flooring

Sydney Blue Gum is a lovely timber with a distinctive colour varying from soft pinks to dark pinks and browns.

Sydney Blue Gum, named for its attractive blue-grey bark, grows along the New South Wales coastline, extending from Batemans Bay into southern Queensland. The tree can grow to a height of more than 60 metres. Sydney Blue Gum is a common plantation timber in Australia.

The timber is usually straight grained, with a small percentage showing some interlocking grain. The texture is moderately coarse,  Gum veins and gum pockets are common.

Sydney Blue Gum (EUCALYPTUS SALIGNA) is commonly used for Flooring, Decking, joinery, furniture, domestic and commercial construction, cladding, panelling, boat building and parquetry. It is a durable and dense timber with a Janka rating of 9.0