Spotted Gum Solid F27

Timber and Rose has Spotted Gum Solid F27 that is kiln dried and dressed with pencil round edges. It is perfect for many outdoor applications. These timbers look great when used as wharf style decking as you get a thick luxurious look. They are also suitable to finish off the sides or top of a pergola, You can also use them for screening.

We have a large range of sizes from 70 x 35 mm up to 290 x 45 mm and can supply in set lengths. They are beautifully machined and do not need any on site finishing.

Timber and Rose has quality Spotted Gum F27. It is a beautiful timber with a variation in colour from mid brown to chocolate brown and has been carefully kiln dried to ensure that it will not twist, cup or warp. Our F27 comes with pencil round edges.

Spotted Gum is an excellent choice for flooring, cladding, lining, benchtops , battens, joinery and decking.  Spotted Gum provides excellent fire resistance and is a suitable timber in bush fire prone areas.