Solid F27

F27 is timber that has been graded to achieve stress grade of F27 . The timber is kiln dried and has been dressed with pencil round edges and is used for construction purposes as well as being an excellent option for visual outdoor areas for screens, pergolas and decks and also indoor rafters and battens. It has been beautifully dressed smooth to look great in any environment.

We have two species of F27 – Spotted Gum and Blackbutt.

Spotted Gum is a beautiful timber with a variation in colour from mid brown to caramel and to chocolate brown – stunning as a dressed timber, stair treads or battens.  Gum veins are quite common and the presence of wavy grain can produce an attractive fiddleback figure.

Highly desirable as a timber feature, its variation of colour makes it a great choice for matching any colour scheme within a home and its hard nature make it resistant to scratches and dents.

Blackbutt is a beautiful light to mid brown colour with tinges of pink. The grain is usually straight and texture its medium and even, stunning for stair treads, battens and as a feature timber. Blackbutt will readily accept paint, stain and polish.

Seasoning refers to the process of removing moisture from timber or drying timber. Solid seasoned hardwood timber tends to have a superior dimensional stability to unseasoned hardwood timber and is much less prone to warping and splitting. Seasoning hardwood timber enhances the basic properties of the timber increasing the stiffness, bending strength and compression strength.