Overlay Tongue and Groove Flooring

Timber and Rose have beautiful overlay tongue and groove flooring. We have a huge range of species in 12 mm and 14 mm thick boards and from 58 mm up to 275 mm wide. The benefit of overlay flooring is that the floor can be secret nailed to plywood or particle board as all the boards’ tongue and grooves are machined to a concealed nail profile. Alternatively, the flooring can be glued directly to concrete, provided that a moisture barrier has been applied to the concrete. The wear layer above the tongue and groove is the same as in 19 mm thick boards, so the life of the timber is the same and the floor can be sanded many times if required.

Overlay flooring is the way to go if there is a flooring height issue, saving approx 6 mm on the thickness of the flooring and approx 5 mm on the thickness of the particle board or ply.

Having many years of experience in timber we only supply the best quality flooring timbers. We have ensured that they are not only machined to the highest standard but the process is first rate. First, the timber has been air dried and then kiln dried over time to the correct moisture content. The rigorous manufacturing process ensures the flooring you receive will not cup, twist or warp and ensuring  that the flooring will fit together perfectly without any gapping and wasteage,  guaranteeing that there will be no problems down the track.

All our overlay tongue and groove flooring is very durable, will look great and will give you years of enjoyment. We do not purchase rainforest timber. All the timber is sourced only from sustainably managed forests and using best practice. We have many species available in a number of widths and thicknesses, all at excellent prices.

Feel free  to contact us at  info@timberandrose.com.au or call Phillip on 0417 338 011 do discuss your domestic or commercial timber project.