Turpentine Flooring

Turpentine is a beautiful timber with colours that vary from dark red-browns through to deep chocolate hues. The sapwood is distinctively paler, often creamy. Turpentine features a straight grain, and a coarse but even texture. The texture is fine to medium but often wavy, with interlocked grain. It is relatively free of gum veins.

Turpentine (Syncarpia Gomulifera) grows in the coastal areas of New South Wales and in the eastern coastal areas up to Cooktown, Queensland. Turpentine is extremely durable in above ground applications, where its life expectancy is in excess of 40 years. In-ground life expectancy ranges from 15 to 25 years. The timber of this species is termite-resistant, and untreated sapwood is immune to lyctid borer attack.
Turpentine is a beautiful timber, extremely durable, with a Janka rating of 12.0, combined with the fine, interlocked grain makes this hardwood highly sought after for cladding, indoor & outdoor furniture, flooring and decking.